Aluminium Composite Panel


What can Alusign be used for?

Ideal for:

Cladding enclosed trailers and motor homes, inside and out;
Residential Building Decoration;
Kitchen splash backs & kick boards;

Why is Alusign the most cost effective and durable solution compared to anything else?

1.No color fading compared with some plywood or plastic products.
2.High glossy colors, offers excellent appearance.
3.Wide ranges of colors and sizes available.
4.Tough but with flexibility, and light in weight.
5.Easy for cutting , shaping and other processing.
6.Flat and smooth, suitable for printing.
7.Low thermal expansion and stable dimension under extreme weather condition.
8.Metallic surface, better durable quality in comparison of other materials.
9.And above all … The most Competitive price.

With a flat and smooth surface, Alusign panel can be easily printed, sprayed or stick on any pictures or literal information onside to express and promote your idea. As the product is sandwich panel combined with aluminum and polyethylene, it carries the performance of hardness and flexibility, as well as being lightweight. Therefore, it’s easy for shaping, processing and transporting.
Alusign panel has a guarantee of 6 years and has a wide ranges of colors, therefore it’ll bring your shop front or construction to life. The panel is a weatherproof material and easy to clean. Alusign is an ideal product for signboards and construction exterior decoration.

A special exhibition stand and unique design is very important for an eye catching trade show display. Alusign helps your dreams come true with its good performance and processability. It can be punched, cut, fold or groove to put a tube light to highlight your products.

The panel is light weight to assure stand manufacturers can move the stand, counter and display shelf to different place, and convenient to be tore down and re-assembled. It’s such a green and economical material.

What You Can Do With Alusign